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Thanks to College Rules website, there is content now that shows only college females and males taking part in all kinds of sagas in the hardcore sex market. The offerings and gifts inside this website include ladies having first time sex on camera, many amateur films, lots of fun and humor also. It’s the way they have humorously titled many of the films inside that will show you the movies here don’t take themselves too seriously. They are joking that some of the girls have so much ass, they may break the dicks they are fucking. There are scenes having multiple girls having sex with one, two, or many guys in their dorm rooms.

Other students can’t contain themselves so they are kissing and fucking inside the car, they couldn’t hold it until they reach the rooms. Scrolling down, there are videos that show the famous red cups filled with all types of liquor, and the coeds get crazy drunk. The drunker the students are, the more likely you’ll get to see nipples and big tits.

Sometimes, just a simple dare will make the girl flash her friends her bushy pussy or her small tits. The College Rules discount concept when it started was that the students would get together and film what they do then submit to this website. The videos, that were chosen as the very freakiest most visually enigmatic, would then stand to win cash. In this way, the website go lots of submissions, cause one thing students are always in hunger for is sex and money (maybe more so than they hunt for academic excellence).

The truth is that some videos here will make you question if they really are student submissions. They look very professionally made, and have some aspects hinting at the videos not being so spontaneous amateur submissions. However, that isn’t the most important thing you need to be keen on. Be keen on handling videos, lots of coeds cumming while moaning, and amazingly high quality videos. They have cameras that take 1080p HD videos, and some pictures also, although this area is a bit of fluctuating quality and quantity. The pictures that you do have can be contained in zip files making saving simple. They are normally scenes taken from the videos, but for videos, you have full screen projection for formats like mp4 and flv.

Mobile types of files (for suchlike devices) are yours to access. The site design is very lackluster when you consider how simple they make things appear. It’s just the title, time stamp, rating, and you can play any you want online. Someone also said that the students here are excessively gorgeous to be authentic college babes and guys, but don’t know if that is a problem or a perquisite really! Beautiful people, beautiful niches, variety of groupings, all these things are good things, so members are very happy. Check out College Rules.